Siyumeng Wang

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Teaching Philosophy

I advocate efficient and creative learning, pushing boundaries for imaginative growth. As an educator, I aim to model expressive freedom, inspiring students to delve into their innermost thoughts, embrace risk, and infuse life experiences into their art. I foster a liberating environment, nurturing confidence and self-expression, devoid of judgment. Building strong relationships, I provide personalized guidance and encourage outside performances to refine skills. Balancing tailored repertoire selection, I address strengths and weaknesses, enabling growth without frustration. I emphasize the skill of performing, essential in the unpredictable realm of music. My aspiration is to empower students with innovation, technical prowess, and diverse artistic fluency.

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The Juilliard School

In my role as a Secondary Piano Instructor at The Juilliard School, I specialize in providing tailored piano instruction to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing majors outside of keyboard disciplines. I work closely with each student to develop their technical skills and overall musicianship, integrating piano proficiency into their broader musical studies. By collaborating with colleagues from diverse departments, I foster interdisciplinary connections and contribute to students' growth as well-rounded musicians. My commitment to adapting teaching techniques, offering constructive feedback, and guiding students in setting achievable goals ensures their continuous musical development and successful integration of piano into their artistic journey.

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At Musart, we run a complete music program and offer our students a traditional conservatory experience. Our students receive the highest level of technique and music performance and benefit from additional music enrichment opportunities that add to their overall learning experience. Private instrument lessons are the program’s primary focus and they are supplemented by experiences in chamber music ensembles, recital performances, group studio class, music theory lessons, and twice-annual juries. These interrelated skills, studies and disciplines creates a circle of learning which strengthens our musicians, grows their love of music, and provides the motivation and inspiration necessary to achieve a high level of music performance.

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West Amadeus

As a piano teacher in the Manhattan area, I extend my passion for music education beyond formal institutions. With a master's degree in piano performance and extensive teaching experience, I offer personalized piano instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. My approach is rooted in fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment, where I guide students in developing solid technical foundations, expressive musicality, and a lifelong appreciation for music. Through adaptable teaching methods and a comprehensive understanding of various musical genres, I aim to instill confidence and creativity in my students, enabling them to achieve their musical aspirations while nurturing a deep love for the piano.